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Wear and Care

The first few times you wear your compression garment you will notice the squeeze. It is OK to begin wearing your stockings gradually. Try wearing them for just a few hours the first day and then increase the number of hours each day until you can wear them comfortably throughout the day while you are up and about. Check your stockings periodically to smooth out any wrinkles as the fabric may move during the day. Remove your stockings before going to bed. If you find that compression stockings are difficult to put on, please see our Donning Suggestions and Donning Aids.

It is important to wear your compression garments everyday. Compression stockings and sleeves manage an on-going problem. When you remove your compression garment the condition responsible for your symptoms is still there. Failure to wear your stockings or lymphedema garment may cause your condition to become more severe.

Hand or machine-wash with warm water and mild soap or detergent, or Jolastic® Washing Solution. No chlorine bleach. Warm water rinse. Hang or lay flat to air-dry. May dry in a dryer on low heat or delicate setting. Placing your stockings in a mesh laundry bag will help protect them during the wash cycle.

The use of skin care products (such as skin creams, body lotion, or powder) as well as various skin types (such as dry or peeling skin) and hair growth may prevent the silicone band from keeping the thigh high in place.

To improve the performance of the silicone band under the above conditions, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Turn the JOBST® Thigh Highs inside out before washing.
  2. Before the main wash, thoroughly hand wash the silicone band using a delicate fabric detergent. Concentrate on removing any lotion, powder , hair or other foreign material from the silicone.
  3. Follow the “Application and Care Instructions” included in the JOBST® Thigh High package.

The elastic fibers of your compression garment stockings will break down with wear. Proper care will increase the “life” span of your stockings, but you will need to replace your stockings or sleeve at about every 3-6 months depending on how often you are wearing and how you are caring for your garment. As a general rule, if your garment becomes easy to put on, it probably needs to be replaced.

Sizing for medical compression stockings is based on the circumferences of the leg. It is best to measure early in the day before swelling occurs.

Only trained fitters perform measuring for JOBST® Custom Seamed, Seamless, and Elvarex® garments.

What is your sizing for Jobst medical compression stockings?
Jobst UltraSheer, Opaque, forMen and Relief stockings, 15-20 (except forMen), 20-30, and 30-40 mmHg are sized by leg circumferences using the chart below. Sizing for men and women is the same. All dimensions are in centimeters (cm).

Knee high stockings require an ankle and calf circumference. Thigh high stockings require ankle, calf and thigh circumferences. Waist, maternity and chaps styles require ankle, thigh and hip circumferences. The Large-Tall is for shoe size >12. Refer to each specific product for available styles.

Size ** Ankle Calf Thigh Hip
Small ** 18-21 28-38 40-62 71-117
Medium ** 21-25 30-42 46-70 76-127
Large ** 25-29 32-46 54-78 81-137
X-Large ** 29-33 34-50 60-81 102-166
Large-Tall ** 25-29 32-46
Large Full Calf ** 25-30 46-61
X-Large Full Calf ** 30-36 46-61

Donning Suggestions:
Properly fitting JOBST® compression stockings and arm sleeves should feel snug at first. It may take a few days to adjust to the pressure.
Before you put on your stockings or arm sleeve review the Helpful Hints and Donning Methods.

Helpful Hints:

  • Compression garments are easier to put on when you first get out of bed, before swelling occurs.
  • Remove rings and jewelry that could damage your garment
  • Use gloves (rubber or vinyl) to help position the garment on your leg
  • Make sure your skin is dry before putting on your JOBST® hosiery
  • Avoid rolling or bunching the fabric as this will create too much pressure in specific areas
  • Apply a thin layer of cornstarch or powder to help the stocking (or sleeve) slide smoothly over your skin
  • Apply moisturizer to your legs (or arm) in the evening – not just before putting on your garment

JOBST® provides a variety of accessories to help you get the most comfort and value from your investment. JOBST® Accessories are available at retailers of JOBST® Medical or Custom garments.

It Stays®
Roll-on body adhesive helps JOBST® garments stay in place. Ideal for thigh length stockings, when garter belt or silicone bands are undesirable. Apply to the area of skin beneath the band of stockings, or the upper arm band of armsleeves.

Foot Rest
A convenient device to use when measuring Ready-To-Wear or Custom-made garments. The Foot Rest elevates the patient’s foot comfortably at the heel to allow easy measuring up the length of the leg.

JOBST® Stasis Pads
Stasis pads bridge areas of low pressure formed when compression hosiery or bandages (Comprilan®, Gelocast®, etc.) create a pocket between the Malleolus and the Achilles tendon. The Stasis Pads add pressure in these areas to prevent edema (swelling). Available in 3 sizes for an optimal fit.

Our Refund and Return Policy

If for any reason whatsoever you are dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund your money or replace your compression socks, stockings or hosiery at your request.