We have been in business since 1975 offering exclusively JOBST products.


I had never heard of Jobst compression hosiery until I heard Bert Boldt mention them on Wave 94 radio station. My doctors had given me all kinds of medication to bring the fluid down in my feet and legs, but none of the medications helped me even though I took these medications for years. But the first time I tried Jobst compression hosiery they made a huge impact on reducing the fluid in my feet and legs. The difference was/is astounding! My doctors had never recommended any kind of compression hosiery to me. I also like the idea of ordering my products from Mr. Boldt because I trust him. I like the idea of doing business with people of integrity and I certainly like doing business with Christians.
Barbara Ogg
Thank you for ordering that pair of black knee-high hose. 
J. Bickley
Dear Bert,  It was very nice meeting you at work in operations (American Airlines).  Thank you so much for offering to replace my (2 problem) hosiery.  I really do enjoy wearing your product and look forward to many more years of use.
T. Arnold
Bert – thank you for replacing this pair for me!
K.K. Mitchell
Mr. Boldt, Thank you for exchanging these for me.  They are wonderful hose.
M. Davis
Dear Bert:  Thank you so much for sending your business card and the therapeutic support socks.  I truly appreciate your kindness, and I look forward to wearing them.  If I can ever assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff.
Charlie Christ
Received JOBST on Monday and wanted to thank you for a great product.
C. Klobucher
Called last night before you returned to thank you for getting her order to her before she went away – She knows you went to a lot of trouble to expedite her order.  Thanks again.
J. Kroh
Bert, thanks for getting the stocking for me. They feel great! Thanks for taking good care of my patients
Bert, here’s the pair of hose that ran shortly after I purchased them. Thank you so much for sending the new pair.!
D. Edwards
Mr. Boldt, thank you for much for helping me. These hose get steady hard wear. I could not be without them. Of of these days I’ll come to you for the thigh high hose; more towards fall season. Thank you
B. F. M.
Hi Bert! Thank you so much for the replacements! Just in time. I flew for 6 days without the hose and went back to wearing my tights and boy, my legs were so tired! I can’t wait to get back into the right hose! I am hooked for life! Thank you again and I will certainly spread the word about your wonderful products!
L. Young
To Bert Boldt, As per your suggestion regarding my compression hose to shrink them, I hand washed them twice in hot water, dried them hanging up and then washed them with hot water and dried them in the dryer. The length only shrank a tad and the width really shrank, making it so tight around the ankle area that the bunching left very deep gouges in my skin. The length was still too long. As per our phone conversation on 5/29/14, we came up with ordering a petite size medium, opaque. Thank you for your patience and you were right about you being there until we got it right.
J. Guralchuk
Hi Bert, Thank you so very much for your patience. I am returning two pair of thigh highs. Per our conversation I had a run in #199398 thigh 15/20 black medium. And trouble with the silicon one 117230 thigh 8/15. I am sending these two pair (enclosed) I also stuck my thumb in the new pair you sent me. I didn’t want to delay any longer. Thank you for just being wonderful.
N. Frazier
Hello Bert, Enclosed are my damaged hose. I have no idea why they ran. It stared in the heel. Nice speaking with you.
T. O'Donnell

Our Refund and Return Policy

If for any reason whatsoever you are dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund your money or replace your compression socks, stockings or hosiery at your request.