We have been in business since 1975 offering exclusively JOBST products.

FAQ Page

With their Total Satisfaction Guarantee and prices that can meet any budget JOBST continues to “put their feet down” as the top compression stocking brand nationwide.

As physical therapists, we specialize in the clinical management of venous disease. We have a high level of knowledge, as we follow you physician’s prescription, to direct you to obtain the correct medical garment for your unique requirements. Our service is concierge, so call us and we can guide you over the phone: 800-833-3367.

We are exclusively a purveyor of JOBST BSN Medical Products. We have done so since 1975. JOBST originated medical hosiery design based on the physics principal of hydrostatic pressure of water. We are highly familiar with all lines of JOBST products. We welcome your phone call inquiry: 800-833-3367.

Simply use warm water and soap. Any soap in which you wash your hands is fine to use. Machine wash or hand wash. Rise clear. Air dry. Do not dry in a machine dryer.

The anatomical styles of the garments are knee high. The knitting procedure, that builds these garments, is a three dimensional process that assures accurate pressure gradient “squeeze” is applied to every inch of the anatomy covered by each style. This is why the garment hugs you so well.

To assure long wear, you will notice the heel and toe of each product are made from special resistance fabric.

Yes, indeed! The pressure gradient feels, is offered in fashionable Legwear apparel, for men and women. The pressure gradient line you want is 8-15 mmHg and 15-20 mmHg. We offer a full selection of these products for every lifestyle

Our Refund and Return Policy

If for any reason whatsoever you are dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund your money or replace your compression socks, stockings or hosiery at your request.